Nebula API

Nebula empowers application developers to easily build socially engaged experiences. Whether starting from scratch or retrofitting an existing app, Nebula provides powerful functionality with minimal implementation effort. Developers can create their own micro-community and "socialize" an app in a matter of minutes... literally.

Unlimited Power

The Nebula runs on the most powerful Windows Azure implementation ever devised. Architected by the most brilliant Azure minds, Nebula will support communities from 100 to 100-million users without breaking a sweat.


Super Simple

Crank out a rock-star app in no time by using the Nebula SDK, available through NuGet. We spent 2 days short of forever perfecting everything your app needs front to back.
Web, Android, iOS, UWP, Xamarin...
we've got you covered.


Graceful REST

If you're more of a masochist and want to roll your own wrapper for our API... that's cool too. The Nebula API is fully REST with a pleasantly familiar implementation; create an app, get your credentials, and consume to your heart's content.